About The Wake Report

Our Mission:

The Wake Report, LLC. is an independent, student-driven report, fostering intellectually free spaces to embrace converging opinions, question the accepted ideological slant in the community, and promote founding American principles through fair and reliable journalism.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Independent Reporting

The Wake Report’s main priority is to maintain our journalistic integrity and independent writing. We believe that we have been constantly exposed to such polarizing viewpoints, making it nearly impossible to establish common ground. At the heart of this issue lies the media. Our media has been tailored to prey on our emotions and villainize anyone who may disagree. Journalists are the heart and soul of our democracy, aimed to arm the public with accurate information to progress the nation. Corrupting journalism corrupts our democracy. 

To maintain transparency, The Wake Report LLC is funded by the Collegiate Network. The Collegiate Network funds independent and conservative papers across the nation. We, the founders of The Wake Report LLC, were introduced to the Collegiate Network and believed that their funding would help us further achieve our mission to provide accurate news to our community. The Collegiate Network allowed us to be completely independent of the whims of the Wake Forest administration. Instead of attempting to charter our newspaper through the administration and request funding from the University, we used an independent channel. We made this decision because it allowed us intellectual and journalistic freedom to criticize the Wake Forest University administration freely without worry we could lose charter funding. The Collegiate Network promised us complete intellectual and journalistic freedom. They have no political influence on the articles we decide to publish whatsoever. We will never allow current or future donors to influence what we write. The Collegiate Network provides us with funds to create our media– such as our physical newspapers, website, and podcast. We applied for the Collegiate Network grant by clearly stating that we would be an independent newspaper, reporting both sides of current politics. We do not subscribe to nor take any attribution from any other funded works by Collegiate Network. 

Our writers and staff are aware of the difficulties of being a truly independent paper. Biases are inherent to human nature, and certain biases may be unintentionally expressed in our publications. However, we will continue to work to be as independent as possible by working with diverse writers, interviewing individuals from both sides of the aisle, and taking feedback from our readers. We will continue to be as transparent as possible with our reporting, and appreciate any and all feedback that helps make our paper a vital source of information for our community.

– The Wake Report Editorial Board

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